Welcome to the website dedicated to our greatest passion – dogs.
My adventure with these amazing animals began when I was young.
From childhood, my home was full of dogs, cats, and my whole family is connected with the world of horses.
In 2013, after two years of running the salon, I decided to buy a Boston Terrier – Czika (Empire Emission Harpagon). This is how my adventure with this breed began, which immediately stole my heart.
Boston Terriers are very sociable, family, emotional and at the same time dogs with character. We began to go to national and international exhibitions with numerous successes. In 2018, our Czika gave birth to 2 beautiful puppies. It was her first litter. In love with these dogs, I could not part with them, so they stayed with us at home.

We currently have three Boston Terriers and two English Greyhounds.


We will keep you updated on show successes and planned litters on the site and social networking sites.


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