1. In order to perform the service, please make an appointment by phone: 506102891 during salon hours.
The salon is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and in Saturday form 9am to 3pm

2. If you are not informed of your late arrival, groomer may not perform the service after 20 minutes. You will be informed about it by sms.

3. If the dog is aggressive and the Groomer is unable to control it, the Groomer may refuse to provide the service.

Please inform about possible aggression of the dog when you will make an appointment.

4. We do not give dogs any pharmacological agents.

5. Only professional animal cosmetics are used in the salon with a certificate.

6. If dog is wery tangled, previously discussed hairstyle may change.
The good of the dog is the most important thing, if we find combing impossible, the dog is cut short.

7. If dog has any disease, please inform about it when you will make an appointment.
The salon is not responsible for the deterioration of the dog’s health in case of concealment by the owner of the disease for example colds, epilepsy.

8. Old, sick, fearful and unbalanced dogs are cut at the owner’s responsibility.

9. The salon reserves the right to use dog photos for advertising purposes.

10. Each dog must have a health book with current vaccination.

11. By using the salon’s services, the customer simultaneously accepts these regulations.

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